Cardiologist Near Me – What I Learned About Him

Cardiologist close to me. I have a great relationship with this fantastic doctor. He is an awesome cardiologist and a great mentor. When we first started at the Medical College of Virginia, he would take the train one morning for the three-hour ride over to the west coast to get trained by his mentor, Harry Wu. This was a very wise decision on his part as this was the pioneer heart surgeon in the west and he gained valuable education there. It is rare to find an outstanding cardiologist in this region anywhere but Long Island and Manhattan are absolutely tops.

Harry Wu came to learn that the best way to provide excellent care and treatment for those who suffered from congestive heart failure was through technologically advanced heart monitoring equipment. He was able to provide many new procedures for those who were suffering from these conditions that weren’t covered by his father. Today we are fortunate to have a cardiologist near me on Long Island to help with any heart attack or cardiovascular emergency.

Most people don’t realize that my father suffered a heart attack from his years at Reed College in Portland Oregon. He was also obese, which is another common problem. I didn’t think much of it when I found out that one of the best cardiologists near me practiced in my hometown. His office phone number was listed on my mother’s phone. That is how he contacted me first.

We had a great time together and he really became a dear friend to me and a trusted counselor as well as my family. But there is one thing that I didn’t know about him and that is that he was trained in cardiac massaging! He enjoys working out and performing cardiac massages on me and on my husband. This past January he took us to the Middle Island of New York to assist in treating our patient who had suffered a heart attack.

He explained that he was traveling out of town for a week’s stay at a ski resort and that he would take my husband and I on board the next plane back to Maine. I was shocked to learn that my Cardiologist was not a cardiac specialist or was not in training to perform massages. We had a wonderful time together and it was so refreshing to have an honest Cardiologist who was up on top of things and not afraid to tell me what he thought of my health. He even let me in on his secret – the mountain near Plainview, Maine called Deer Park for its excellent skiing and snowboarding.

What did I find out? My Cardiologist is a certified heart attack and vascular specialist. When we went to Deer Park, he explained that he was required to take a cardiac course because he was still certified as a cardiologist in Portland, ME. The medical community in Deer Park has been accredited by the American Heart Association since 1979. He also told me that he had received a two-year sabbatical after thirty years of practicing medicine in Portland, ME and that he looked forward to spending more quality time with his family and friends back in Maine.

We were treated to meals prepared by world class chefs and our waiter even offered to make us a custom beverage. My husband informed me that we were the first in our family to be cardiopulmonary resuscitated during a heart attack. He mentioned that one of the other Cardiologist’s had died less than a month before as well and that this Cardiologist had a massapequinae as well.

The Cardiologist near me had a massapequinae and a two year sabbatical. As if that wasn’t enough he was also certified as an endocarditis specialist. What a perfect match! This is how I came to spend thirty amazing years of my life as a resident of Augusta, ME. My father lived just down the street from him and grew up on a dairy farm in what used to be the ‘Borough’, which is where we all went for pie and baked beans on Sunday afternoon. Cardiology is the specialty of cardiologists.

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