How to Prepare For Your Women’s Health Clinic Exam

If you are a woman, and under the age of twenty-one years, and you are considering becoming pregnant, or perhaps you already have, visit a women’s health clinic for a full checkup. Do not wait until you become ill to have a checkup either. It’s important from the time you are ill to the time you are pregnant. This is especially true if you have a pre-pregnancy test. Ask your OB/GYN what the recommended testing is, and make sure that it includes a Pap smear, pregnancy test, and any other tests that are appropriate for you.

Take I.D. When you are at the women’s health clinic, they will ask you a series of personal questions about your last employment and current living situation. Some of these include your last address, where you live, and where you work. You may also be asked for proof of insurance (i.e. a card, keyboard, or W2).

Make an Appointment For Pregnancy Checkups As soon as you know you are pregnant, you should schedule an appointment for your annual pap smear. Your OB/GYN can give you a more accurate idea of what your baby’s genitals will look like and will be able to advise you whether or not you should receive a Pap smear with a focus on pregnancy. Generally, you’ll be given a general anesthetic and told to relax while they do the procedure. Most people are familiar with the basics of what to expect when they go to a women’s health center.

Have Pelvic Exams If you are over the age of twenty-four, or if you have had a tubal ligation, you will most likely be given a pelvic exam. During this exam, your gynecologist will take a swab for lab tests. You’ll also be asked to lie down, bend your knees, and try to avoid moving for the exam. The full exam usually takes around thirty minutes.

Ask Questions If you are new to a location, or aren’t sure about something, your nurse will likely be available to help you ask questions. She will ask you questions about your medical history, your symptoms, and the outcome of previous pelvic exams. Be sure to get all of your information written down before the exam. This will help you remember important information later.

Take Off Your Shoes When you arrive at the health clinic, you will most likely be required to remove your shoes. This is due to the fact that you won’t be allowed to enter the exam room without them. If you haven’t brought your shoes, make sure you have them with you so you can slip them on first thing when you come in. The health clinic staff will need your measurements so they can place your shoe inserts into the correct position. It’s very important that your shoes fit correctly or you could miss out on an exam.

Ask What To Wear There are some things that you should wear to your health clinic exam. The exam room is well lit, so it’s likely that a nurse will be able to guide you through the process. If there are other people who are also in the room with you, ask if they plan to wear anything too distracting. Generally, the exam is designed to be very personal, so you shouldn’t have to worry about being uncomfortable or self-conscious. However, there are some things you should dress formally for when you go.

Be A Good Candidate For The exam When you go for a women’s health clinic exam, you’ll be put through a few tests, including a physical and a Pap smear. Once these are complete, the doctor will look at your history of health and determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for the procedure you’re interested in. If you are, then you can get started.

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